Sports Betting 101

sports betting

You may be new to sports betting and want to know more about the various kinds of bets available. In this article, you will learn about the Futures bet, Moneyline bet, Parlays, and Power rankings. The first two types of bets are the moneyline bet and the middle bet. Those who prefer betting on straight wins should know about the moneyline bet. The moneyline bet is the most popular choice for bettors.

Futures bets

There are many ways to profit from futures bets in sports betting. Many sportsbooks have low limits and a high vig. However, you can eliminate the vig by line-shopping. In addition, futures bets have wider lines than other markets, which means a large bookmaker’s advantage. For this reason, many novice bettors don’t consider futures bets.

Although futures bets take a longer time to settle, they can be extremely profitable if you know where to look. When placing a futures bet, you should choose a team that is unlikely to lose. For instance, you can bet on the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl a month or two before the game. Futures betting is a great way to lock in a bankroll and reap the profits you’ve been looking for.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets in sports betting are a way to bet on the winner of a game without placing a wager based on the point spread. While moneyline bets are completely different from point spread bets, they are linked to them in terms of payout. For instance, if a team is three points favorite over its opponent, a moneyline bet on them will win. In the event of a tie, moneyline bets will be returned to bettors.

While betting on a favorite is tempting, there are several reasons why you should never place your bets on an underdog with positive odds. The main reason for this is that sportsbooks tend to have different house rules. Also, moneyline bets do not suit all sports. To make the most of this betting opportunity, you must understand its pros and cons. As with other betting methods, you should always try to find a value bet, and keep in mind that sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint.


If you like to bet on multiple sports at once, you can try placing parlays on different events. Parlays require that both teams win or tie. They are particularly appealing because of the large payout you can get for a small amount of money. However, you must realize that the payoff is very high if all the selections hit the line. That is why many players choose to place parlays. Moreover, parlays are not equalized before the match begins.

To win at sports betting, you should know how to place a parlay. You must know that parlays are not suitable for heavy underdogs. Therefore, it is better to use this strategy when the teams are playing even money. Parlays can only be profitable if they are placed on games with a statistical advantage. Besides, you should also keep in mind that the more legs you place on a parlay, the bigger the payout will be.

Power rankings

Experts and bettors alike use power rankings to guide their decisions and make smart wagers. These rankings identify which teams will be the best over the course of time. The NFL, for example, releases power rankings weekly, bi-weekly, and every four weeks. In general, a power ranking is a better bet than an individual pick. However, you should still research and follow the teams more closely to ensure you’re picking the right bets.

NFL power rankings are released every week by experts, and they reflect the previous week’s action. You’ll want to take their ranking into account, as well as the strength of the team’s roster, the strength of their bench, and the situation where the team will be playing. You can also look for trends with power rankings. For example, teams that lost last week may have improved in the next one. Power rankings also consider other factors, including injuries, situations, and statistical categories, such as the number of turnovers.