Not many boat builders actually build their boats. It’s more of an assembly process with large numbers of components sourced from other vendors and put together at the plant. To maintain the highest levels of quality control, reliability and structural integrity, We manufacture and produces many of our components in-house assuring each customer the finest production boat available.

Commitment this level of quality and performance doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication from people who literally put their heart and soul into every boat they build. They’re the ones who define the true meaning of Building Strong.





The true measure of a boat is when you actually get out on the water. All the glitz and jazzy video and audio electronics available on today’s boats can be small comfort when you’re bouncing from wave top to wave top or wallowing in the troughs. That’s why we place such high value on our design process. Building strong starts with smart design.



The key to great performance and better fuel economy is a lighter boat. And this is where Marquis-Larson technology exceeds all expectations. To keep our boats lighter without sacrificing strength, we use a unique vacuum infused resin technology that draws in a precise amount of resin to saturate the fiberglass laminate rather than “over wetting” like other processes can do.



Many boats at the dock are pretty to look at. But how well do they perform when the going gets rough? All that pizazz doesn’t mean much when you’re stuck in rough weather and the water is getting nasty. That’s why Marquis-Larson takes great care to build a boat that can take it on the chin, one wave after another. From top to bottom, you can’t beat Marquis-Larson’s attention to build quality.



As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details. And this is where Marquis-Larson really shines. With hundreds of inspection points, soak testing and engine run-up for every boat we build there’s no margin for overlooking even the smallest detail. We know that building strong means doing it every step of the way and we take pride in our meticulous nature. It’s just what we do.





Every Marquis-Larson brand boat owner has my personal pledge that we will provide whatever support is necessary to ensure the finest ownership experience in boating. As an owner of one of our brands, if you ever have a problem that cannot be remedied by your local dealer, I promise that the right technical experts will be assigned to aid that dealer in solving your problem. I invite you to take a closer look at all of our fantastic brands and see the difference.



Rob Parmentier
President, CEO
Marquis-Larson Boat Group