Carver Yachts continues to lead the industry in creating spacious, highly functional, and dependable world-class cruising vessels. From 34’ to 52’, Carver Command Bridge and Coupe models are setting new standards for design, space and performance that are redefining what a cruising yacht should be.



C34 Coupe C36 Command Bridge
C37 Coupe C40 Command Bridge
C43 Coupe C52 Command Bridge
C52 Coupe  



Marquis Yachts will discontinue its current line of semi-custom cruising boats and transition to an entirely new line for 2019.  The new models are designed to better address changes in the global marketplace where there is an increasing demand for boats with unique styling, greater performance and higher levels of quality. The new Marquis is expected to debut at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show



Larson Boats are the product of an R&D process over 100 years in the making. They are built with performance, safety and family enjoyment in mind. And more than anything, we build each boat to meet not just your standards, but also those set forth by Paul Larson over a century ago.



LX 160 OB LXH 190 OB
LX 185 OB LXH 210 OB
LX 195 IO LXH 210 IO
LX 205 IO LXH 230 IO
LX 225 IO  


1750 Dual Console 1750 Tiller
1850 Dual Console 1850 Tiller
2020 Dual Console 2020 Tiller


LarsonFX is the brand of choice for knowledgeable, freshwater anglers who view their boats as well-crafted tools, built to enhance their fishing efforts. They appreciate practical design at affordable cost and use technology for advancement in their life’s sport rather than for technology sake.



Striper is the boat for the serious, offshore fishing devotee who understands that catching fish in rough, unforgiving waters doesn’t come easy. They appreciate, and even look forward to the hard work and extent to which they must go to achieve their goal. They chose Striper for its rugged, physical prowess and because it’s designed for the journey as much as the destination.



200 Center Console 200 Dual Console 200 Walkaround
220 Center Console 230 Dual Console 230 Walkaround
270 Center Console   270 Walkaround
    290 Walkaround


21 Triple TTT Escape Cruze RT 2200 Twin F/C
23 Triple TTT RT 2200 Twin RT 2400 Twin F/C
23 Triple DC RT 2400 Twin RT 2200 Twin Fish
25 Triple TTT RT 2000 Triple RT 2400 Twin Fish
25 Triple DC RT 2200 Triple  
  RT 2400 Triple  


There’s nothing on the water like an Escape. Yes it’s a pontoon. But with styling and tube design inspired by Larson boats and runabouts alike, Escape is incomparably unique, looking and performing unlike any other pontoon on Earth.